Can cable company set top boxes be used with OmniNet?

Often in residential settings customers have ISP specific (Verizon, Comcast, Xfinity, Cox, Frontier, etc) devices or boxes that require internet access.

These will gain internet access through the OmniShield and OmniWAN products through the OmniNet data centers.


ISP's blocking devices

Some ISP's require their devices be plugged directly into the ISP's endpoint (cable modem, fiber ONT) or be using an IP address assigned by the ISP.

In these cases, the ISP blocks connections when going through the OmniNet systems. 


To alleviate this Partners may decide run the ISP provided devices through the provided ISP endpoint to allow their customers to continue using their services.


The traffic through the ISP modem directly will NOT be exiting through the OmniNet data center or be protected behind the OmniShield. However in some cases this will be the simplest way to allow those proprietary connections to work.


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