Port Forward Troubleshooting

Port Forwards come with a Public IP on a subscription.

The setup instructions are here: Port Forwarding Instructions


After initial setup, here are a few things to help troubleshoot.


ICMP Forward

An ICMP Port Forward can be setup to test access to the device.



DNS Verification

If the Port Forward is a web site ensure the DNS records are up to date to point to the proper IP address.

NSLOOKUP can be used on most operating systems. is one resource to view all DNS records for a website.



External Open Port check

There are several websites to check ports if using non HTTP/HTTPS ports.

** OmniNet does not endorse or support these sites. 



Mail Server

Hosted Email Server Issues



Accessing Public IPs at the Same Data Center

Accessing Port Forwards from the same data center requires assistance from Support. 

If your MSP hosts it's RMM, cloud controller, or other resources with the Public IP of an OmniNet subscription please contact Support to configure access.

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