How much data is needed for a Standby Link?

OmniWAN Active and Standby ISP Links are constantly monitored to allow for the usage of the ISPs.

Due to this we do recommend un-metered ISP links for both Active and Standby Links.


However, if a Standby Link is using a metered ISP, such as a LTE or Satellite modem, we recommend at least a 5 GB / month plan to allow for both the data to check the line's availability and any minimal* failover occurrences to the Standby ISP.

*OmniNet recommends customers of metered ISP links clearly understand their vendor agreements to set realistic cost expectations in case of outages.  Costs from these providers can be quite expensive so a clear cost analysis should be reviewed by subscribers.  Some LTE providers allow a base data plan and thereafter throttle once the monthly data allotment has been reached. In some cases, this may be a better option  to avoid costly surprises.

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