Can the OBR set custom DNS / DHCP?

Self Service

DHCP ranges are set in the Portal.

DNS servers can also be configured. These can be internal (10.X.X.X, 172.16-31.X.X, 192.168.X.X), or external (,, etc)



DNS entries

If a custom DNS address needs set when a site does not have it's own DNS server, such as to , please create a support ticket specifying the DNS address and IP. *


DHCP Domain

If a custom domain is needed internally, such as , please create a Support ticket and this will be setup on the Zone(s) needed. *


DHCP TFTP server

A TFTP server can be specified for items such as phones, switches, etc. Please submit a ticket to Support with the Zone and server IP. *



* = A feature request is in to add this to the Portal



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