Power Issues - Frequent disconnects


If a site is frequently losing connection, dropped calls, etc there is the possibility of a power issue causing either the ISP device, OmniBridge, switching devices, or a combination of losing power and losing connections.


Many Partners utilize managed or un-managed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.

If you are using a managed UPS please check it's logs for power failures.


If you are able to check with the ISP, or internally on the modem, for timestamps of power loss, please do so.


OmniNet Support can check local logs on the OBR to see the time of purposeful shutdowns/reboots vs times when it recovered from a power loss.



Change the power strip or UPS that the OmniBridge is plugged into.

Check a managed UPS (WattBox, etc) logs for disconnects. 

Check with OmniNet Support for disconnect/power down times. 


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