How to add additional users to managed devices


Each OmniNet device can be managed through the cloud portal by 1 or more users. 

Typically a Partner will control the OBR themselves along with other staff members.

Customers can be added as well if this is desired. 

They can be removed in the same manner.



Logged in as the primary Partner account


How To


Go to

Click on Create Account.


Create the account by filling in the following information.



Have the end user go to to set it for themselves.

Or and click "Forgot your password?"



Once the account is created, you can then add the email address to your Active Subscriptions.


To do so, click the "Manage Device Settings" button on the Subscription you want another user to have access to.



Next, click on the "+ADD" button next to Configuration Access and add the user(s) accounts you want to access the specific Subscription.



The user will see these devices the next time they login.

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