Security Override Rules

Security Overrides can be used to bypass the filtering and security of the OmniShield. 

QoS will still be in place, however no Antivirus, IPS, etc scans will be performed against traffic going to these IPs/URLs.

Use these with caution. Only enter the IP blocks or sites you trust.  

Examples: Troubleshooting Hosted VoIP, accessing trusted websites, offsite backup targets



1. Obtain the IP or URL from the provider.  This may be from their Support or Knowledge Base articles.

Example: Jive VoIP has listed their IP's for customers to use: 

2.  Login to the Portal and manage the OmniBridge.

3.  Go to the Zones tab


4. Go down to the "Security Override Rules" section


5. Click "+ Add"


6. Fill out the form.

Choose IP or URL.
Give it a descriptive name so you'll know what it is.
Enter the IP CIDR block OR website URL, and if it's a CIDR the Netmask (if single IP use /32). 

*** IP address only, not specific ports.




7. Rinse and Repeat for all IP ranges or URLs.


8.  Press Save in the bottom right


9.  Close any open browsers behind the OmniBridge, and test the new URLs/IPs/systems. 

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