Effective Support Requests

When submitting service tickets, please provide as much detail as possible.

This will help us investigate and resolve the issue quickly.

If you omit important information, we may need to contact you for clarification before we can even begin working on your request.

Please answer the following questions when requesting support:


  1. Serial Number of the OBR
  2. What troubleshooting steps have you taken already?
  3. What is the problem?
      1. What is happening that shouldn't, or is not happening that should be?
      2. What do you expect to happen?
  4. How many devices are affected? One endpoint, several, or all? Wired vs wireless?
  5. What is the network topology? Starting from modem and going to end devices.
  6. When did the issue start and/or stop? Has it always been an issue?
  7. Can the problem be produced on demand?
      1. If so, provide approximate time and internal IP address for the endpoint it was last reproduced on.





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