Public IP Address Mapping


Active OmniWAN subscription with Public IP



Public IP address mapping allows a user to forward all traffic that arrives at their assigned public static IP address (Ingress traffic) to a single IP address on one of their internal private network behind their OmniBridge. It is similar to the existing port forwarding feature, except this applies to all ports and protocols for the given IP address. This is also commonly known as a "DMZ".

Public IP Address Mapping is mutually exclusive with port forwarding - Users must either activate Address Mapping and provide a private IP address on their networks to map the public address to, OR they can use port forwarding as normal.


Steps to Enable:


1. Navigate to your subscriptions "Remote Access" Tab (Take note of your external IP).  

Note: If you do not see these items, you may need to upgrade your subscription.  Contact sales or support for assistance upgrading.



2. Toggle the On/Off switch next to "Public IP Address Mapping" to enable the feature.

(Make sure it says "On" like the screenshot)



3. Enter the desired target IP behind the OmniBridge, and click Save.  You're done!


Note: Address must be within one of the defined Zones (Subnet) to function properly.  Take care to understand this means any service running on that target IP will become accessible, just like a common DMZ setup.


Expected behavior: 

Any traffic destined to your OmniNet assigned Public IP address will be forwarded to target LAN IP address as defined in step 3 above.


Steps to Disable:

 1. Navigate to your subscriptions "Remote Access" Tab 



2. Toggle the On/Off switch next to "Public IP Address Mapping" to enable the feature. 

(Make sure it says "Off" like the screenshot)



3. Click "YES" to disable.

Please contact your support channels if you have any additional questions.




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