OmniBridge Install - Cheat Sheet

Schedule install (Include OmniWAN serial with active subscription) 

Pre-Installation Notes:

Note: If the OmniBridge is being connected to an ISP modem that has DHCP server running, the install should move along faster. If not, be sure to read the notes on ISP static IP below.

Just a few points to highlight prior to installation window: 

-> No usage of ISP DNS servers. These are not compatible. <- Very Important

-> Identify any internal statically assigned devices/endpoints and verify they are NOT using ISP based DNS servers (printers, pcs, other). Update to public DNS prior to installation window

-> If using OmniWAN DHCP server, make sure your verify your customers statically assigned devices are outside the DHCP range you configure

-> If using an internal DHCP and DNS server, make sure to check forwarders are NOT using ISP based DNS servers. This is not supported.

-> Identify ahead of time if any vendors needs the new public IP whitelisted, and get this to them ahead of time

-> If an ISP static IP is to be used, the OmniBridge must first come online behind a DHCP server. Without a connection to the internet, it will not be able to download static IP configuration. Please reach out to support before installation window if need further explanation.

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