OmniBridge Install - Cheat Sheet

Schedule install (Include OmniWAN serial with active subscription) 

Pre-Installation Notes:
-> If an ISP static IP is to be used, the OmniBridge must first come online behind a DHCP server. Without a connection to the internet, it will not be able to download static IP configuration. Please reach out to support before installation window if need further explanation.
-> No usage of ISP DNS servers. These are not compatible. <- Very Important

-> Identify any internal statically assigned devices/endpoints and verify they are NOT using ISP based DNS servers (printers, pcs, other). Update to public DNS prior to installation window

-> If using OmniWAN as the DHCP server, make sure your verify your customers statically assigned devices are outside the DHCP range you configure

-> If using an internal DHCP and DNS server, make sure to check forwarders are NOT using ISP based DNS servers. This is not supported.

-> Identify ahead of time if any vendors needs the new public IP whitelisted, and get this to them ahead of time


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