Static IPs and OmniNet Services


A) ISP Static IP:

Static IP that is assigned by customers' internet service provider and required to access the ISP.


B) OmniNet Static / Public IP

A Public IP assigned to OmniNet subscriptions when purchased. Required for Port Forwarding with OmniNet.



OmniNet offers several solutions to provide filtering services.  Depending on which method you choose to integrate with OmniNet, the use of static IPs can vary slightly.  However, some things remains constant with any subscription: 


If you want to forwarding inbound traffic to a subscription connected to OmniNet, you must purchase an OmniNet Static IP/Port Forwarding IP.



You cannot leverage an ISP's Static IP for inbound traffic (port forwarding) once you are online with OmniNet services.  This is due to the security design. All traffic goes through the data center.


OmniWAN's OmniBridge

Is an ISP Static IP required? 

No.  OBR's can utilize a DHCP, Static IP, or PPPoE handoff from the ISP.

Is an OmniNet Static / Public IP required?

1 is only required if a Port Forward is needed.

However they are recommended as they provide a unique address for that OBR when accessing banking and other services. 

Subscriptions without their own Public IP egress through the data center's IP addresses.




Contact your OmniNet sales rep.  With a few questions, they can help you scope out your opportunities and right size them for the proper fit!

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