Blocked Website

Below is a good step by step troubleshooting process for sites being blocked for a reason other than Web/URL content filtering.

This may be due to web filtering and the OBR protecting.

Test the website category

The website may be filtered through the OBR.

Paste the URL here, Web Filter Category , and identify the category.

** If the category seems wrong please "Request a Review" for the Customer in the assumed proper category.



View the Category in the OBR's Portal and verify if it is Blocked or Allowed.


A URL override can be created to allow the site if Blocked

How To Set URL Override Rules


Test OBR security settings

Through the Portal turn Security Off


Close and relaunch the browser and try again.


Did this work?

Get the URL or IP address they are attempting to access (see video below)

Create a Security Override

Close and relaunch the browser and try again.


Did it not work?

WATCH: Take a look at the following video 

Please create a ticket with this information:

- Screenshot (and copy / paste of text) of to make sure of the public IP of the test machine you are using

- Screenshot (and copy / paste of text) of dev tools results AND browser error/block message if any


With the above info provided to us, we will have exact targeted IPs other than the initial URL.

This is important because larger websites use load balancing, regional distribution (anycasting), and browser redirects. The client your testing from may be forwarded to different servers. Having the above gives us the exact target(s) the hosting service is directing the endpoint to.

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