Blocked Website

Below is a good step by step troubleshooting process for sites being blocked for a reason other than Web/URL content filtering.

• Turn off security and try again. Can they now access the website without an issue?

• Get the URL or IP address they are attempting to access (see video below)

• Go into OmniNet's MDS Manager > Login > Select Cloud Link > Advanced tab > Security Bypass Rule

• Select Add New Rule

• If entering an URL address: Type By: URL > add both the https:// and http:// formats for the website. SAVE.

• If entering an IP address  Type By: IP > add IP address and Network Mask. SAVE.

• If the issue still persists. Submit a ticket with details on the source problem machine (Source IP and network info) - This is especially important if they are not using OmniBridge DNS.

*If you are unsure what the Network Mask is, go to ( Enter IP address > Mask Bit and it will calculate the CIDR Netmask.


Finding the IP address of the target server

Pinging the fqdn doesn't always hit the target server.  Load balancers may distribute your request to multiple servers.  In certain cases its important to find out what IP addresses your browser is connecting to.

Please watch the following video to identify which remote IP addresses your browser is being directed to

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