How To Set URL Override Rules


OmniShield allows for category based URL tuning through the Custom section.



Sometimes a URL is needed to be accessed that is in a blocked category. 

Sometimes a URL needs to be blocked that is in an allowed category. 

URL Overrides can do both. 

This will allow for further customization of protection. While allowed, this does not remove Antivirus, IPS, etc from the connection. 

For that see Security Override Rules.


How To

Login to the Portal 


Edit the Subscription needed the Override.



Click on the "Zone" tab.


Click the "+ADD" button in the "URL Override Rule" section



From here, you'll specify the Type of Override, Simple, or Wildcard.

Action - Block or Allow.


Specifics for each are below


Simple: A simple URL-Filter entry could be a regular URL

Wildcard: A wildcard can be used to include one or more URLs to a simple URL



Allow: Allows the URL to authenticate through, but still having Data Loss Protection

Block: Blocks the URL to authenticate

Allow and bypass DLP: Allows the URL to authenticate and bypasses Data Loss Protection


Close the browser and re-open to test the URL. 

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