Network Troubleshooting

Has ISP been contacted to make sure there are no outages in the are and can they perform any diagnostics on the line?

Have status page checks been conducted for the target service or site ISP?


Ping the following from a client machine on the customer network:


1 - Localhost - Ping the local IP make sure the local network adaptor is responding appropriately


2 - Gateway (should be your OmniBridge gateway, for example - This is the connection from the endpoint to OmniBridge internal interface you are on (Review your portal for each zone gateway).  This will help test the local LAN up to your OmniBridge gateway.


3 - Another device on the same local subnet (Preferably wired connection to wired connection but not necessary) - This helps us understand if there are any local network issues


4- Omni Datacenter POP edge - This will test the SD-WAN segment across the internet to our inside edge.  Consult with support to get this IP for your subscription.


5 - Connection riding over the customers ISP and help us understand if there is a possible issue with the locations carrier up to our stack edge before general internet egress
- Example diagnostic IP " -t"


6 - Beyond gateway including remote host you are testing against.  This tests beyond our stack.  Be certain target does not use rate limiting for ICMP (i.e. do NOT use
- Example Diagnostic "ping -t"


7 - Run a couple of NSLookup on the remote host the customer is trying to reach to make sure DNS is responding consistently. Consult support contact of the DNS server if no response is received.
- Example Diagnostic -"nslookup"


8 - Outside OmniWAN stack (Connected directly to modem) ping same resource as #4


9 - Temporarily eliminate network switche(s) to make sure that is not the issue (Recommended only if 1, 2, 3 are showing unhealthy response times)


Supplemental step:  SSL-VPN as client and run same tests as above.  Connecting to SSLVPN eliminates localized issues on an OmniBridge.



Application level

- See respective 3rd party vendor support for application level troubleshooting

Browser Diagnostics for webpages

Built in browser developers can provide some additional diagnostics.

IE press f12

Chrome press f12

Firefox press Shift+f2


Other - can check for packet loss - Setup a ICMP Port Forward to the OmniBridge's internal IP and test to it

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