3rd party Networking devices will not connect to it's Cloud Controller


If you are using Meraki, Datto, UniFi, Open-Mesh, NVR or other similar in a Cloud Managed Wireless solution, and your cloud management no longer sees the wireless access point(s) connected after installation one of these could be the cause.


Is an outbound VPN or Proxy required by the device? - Setup a Security Override for the target domain or IP address


Is a whitelist required of the device's Public IP? - The OmniNet Public IP will be in Remote Access


Since OmniNet is already doing encapsulation (tunneling traffic) to OmniNet Cloud, and in the case where the WiFi cloud management is also encapsulating traffic, you may need to adjust the MTU on your modem/router to be able to handle this type of double encapsulation or double tunnel. 

Set the MTU on your modem or router to 1452 or lower to avoid fragmentation for the Cloud Based WiFi solution(s) components behind OmniShield.


*** OmniNet does not support 3rd Party devices

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