Issue Priority and Service Levels


Level Definitions

The following applies to service requests for active subscriptions only.  


Important: Scheduling of new installations/deployments should be taken into careful consideration by partners as installations will be treated as a P3.


Priority 1 - All Systems Down - 1 business hour response time

(2 hour response time during non-business hours)

All site services affected and full productivity outage.  

Threatens any future customer productivity.


Priority 2 - Critical System Down - 2  business hour response time

One or more critical system(s) impacted. Partially affecting customer productivity services that cannot be performed.  Customer proceeding in a severely impaired fashion.


Priority 3 - Important - 4 business hour response time

Important issue but does not cause significant customer impact or full work stoppage for customer.


Priority 4 - General - 8 business hour response time

Light support issues affecting customer productivity.  

Limited impact such as unique websites, emails, etc.


Priority 5 - Billing / Reporting / Questions / Miscellaneous - 8 + business hour response time

Issues not causing customer productivity or impact to web access.

Trial, Evaluation, BETA subscriptions, and unscheduled installations 




Annual 99% uptime - Datacenter and OmniNet hosting services availability*


* Service availability definition:  Datacenter uptime and OmniShield Filtering Services shall remain available for processing incoming traffic from active OmniWAN subscribers.  

This excludes any customer site based local disruptions (power, access, etc), customer based ISP issues, or transit link based issues outside of OmniWAN or OmniNet Datacenter's scope. 

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