Remote Access - Third Party VPNs

Please note this article is specifically written in reference to 3rd parties ONLY 


Types of 3rd Party VPN scenarios:


Type A) Site-to-Site (Always on VPN) via OmniNet:

Some vendors establish connections to enable the customer to access hosted resources via a VPN tunnel (i.e. Azure, Amazon, other hosting environments etc.).  This is considered a 3rd Party Site-to-Site VPN tunnel.

OmniNet can enable customer to connect with 3rd party site-to-site connections but only with the follow pre-requisites met.

#1 -Multisite is required for 3rd party VPN integration

#2 - Vendor and/or customer will facilitate all needed information and send into OmniNet support well in advance.  This allows for a timely review for OmniNet to go over 3rd Party Vendors requirements and to allow ample time to identify any possible adjustments needed to successfully terminate the client behind OmniNet to their 3rd party tunnel vendor.


Type B and C: Client Based VPN access via OmniNet providing access to an external resource

This is accomplished by the customer using a vendor provided application such as Cisco AnyConnect or other on-demand access type solution.  Please review the 2 types of versions of 3rd party client based VPNs.

B) - Source: OmniNet Client & Destination: Not on OmniNet: Yes, OmniNet does allow for the use to outbound VPN connections. MTU may need to be adjusted on client. Security Bypass entry can be added to trusted destination VPN server so that OmniNet security does not “interfere” with the connection

C) - Source: OmniNet Client & Destination: OmniNet Client (2 diff companies): Yes, OmniNet does allow for connections between sites via our included Remote Access. This must be enabled for the target subscription/client site. If partner is hosting their own VPN services and using port forwarding via OmniNet, that is up to the partners configuration.


Special note on (C), if both OmniNet subscriptions are on the same node there may need to be some adjustments to get this to work properly.  I.E. if its many to one (Many clients on OmniNet connected to single partner subscription on OmniNet) then we would move the target subscription to a different node.

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