CloudLink and BYOG - End Of Support and End Of Life


End of Sale: 8/1/2018

End of Support: 8/1/2020

End Of Life: 12/1/2020

--------End of Sale (8-1-18) ------------------------EOS(8-1-20) ----------EOL (12-1-20)---

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the CloudLinks and BYOG still function after 12/1/2020?
Answer: Cloud-Link and BYOG service will cease to function after EOL date

When will Reporting stop?

Answer:  Along with all functions, Reporting will stop on EOL date for Cloud-link and BYOG

How do I order a new device? 
Ordering an OmniBridge is done through the Partner Portal's new order page. If needed Support or Sales can help.

Will Feature Requests be accepted for CloudLinks?
Answer:  All development for Cloud-links is discontinued.

Do the OmniBridges have WiFi?
Answer:  OmniBridges do not have built in WiFi. 


OmniNet has been proud to deliver clean internet to our partners since 2013. With our launch, we released our first generation hardware, Cloud-links. Our goal was to supply a product line with rapid site deployment that had a full suite always updated UTM security preconfigured via our Cloud Platform. The delivery was extended to BYOG and overall a success and many of our customers continue to use this product line until today.

In 2018 OmniNet released our next generation hardware line, OmniBridge with SD-WAN technology. The updated hardware line came with big upgrades including improvements to connections to our Cloud Services, multiple ISP capability, big leap in throughput speeds, localized DHCP and gateway, DNS caching, and more.

After a long assessment OmniNet has determined Cloud-links and BYOG have reached end of useful life and it serves in the best interest of our customers to have our full attention to our current generation, OmniBridge. We are confident our customers will greatly benefit from the upgrades to our current generation platform, where our development efforts continue to make strides. Please reach out to your sales representative to make sure you have the best path forward to get your customers moved to our newer products.



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