Configuring VLAN Zones with an OmniBridge


VLAN tagged Zones (networks) are now supported on your OmniBridge.

Networks must be properly defined on the portal before network traffic can be successfully be delivered.  VLAN networks must also be properly defined on your downstream switched network properly.

Please Note:

VLAN tagged ports can only be added to a free physical port.  This is separate from any port being used for normal untagged traffic. Untagged traffic must continue to have a dedicated port (labeled "Physical") in the portal.


This means you can deliver any untagged traffic from your switch(es) over a single ethernet cable to your physical port of choice, and your VLAN network(s) of choice via another ethernet cable.



- You can deliver multiple VLANs over a single port

- Your first VLAN must be defined on an unused port on your OmniBridge

- Each subscription permits up to a certain amount of LAN subnets. 

  • How many total networks depends on subscription type
  • Each defined network of any type counts against the limit (Physical, VLAN, Routed)

    - Lite: 1 Total Network

    - Standard: 3 Total Networks (Physical, VLAN, or Routed)

    - Pro: 8 Total Networks (Physical, VLAN, or Routed)


Configuring on your portal


1. Pick your free port to dedicate to VLAN routing



2. Click ADD type VLAN



3. Type in the VLAN id you will be using (Important as you will need this ID on your downstream switches)





4. Finish configuring the network as you would other zones.  Make sure to avoid overlaps with other connected networks.  Also be sure to hit save before navigating away.



5.  Connect your VLAN configured switches to the designated port to deliver tagged traffic.





If you get the following error, you may be out of networks.  Please contact OmniNet if you need to upgrade your plan or remove any unused networks (BE CAREFUL TO NOT REMOVE PRODUCTION NETWORKS IN USE).




Configuring on your switch


This is out of scope for OmniWAN support.  You must configure you on premise VLAN capable switches using the documentation from your vendor.  Once configured, you can connect your VLAN or VLANs or an ethernet connection to the port you defined on your subscription.




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