DSL - Is PPPoE supported?

OmniBridges and PPPoE

OmniBridges do support PPPoE configuration.  Before connecting to DSL WAN port, First bring the OmniBridge online using an internet connected DHCP enabled network in front of the OmniBridge, then configure appropriate PPPoE settings via the appropriate WAN link on the OmniWAN tab. 

Once it is saved, wait about 5 minutes for configuration to sync then place OmniBridge onto DSL edge network.

ISP <->DSL Modem (With PPPoE) <-> OmniBridge <-> Internal Network


Additional note for sites relying on DSL service:

DSL subscriptions over ATM networks have a maximum MTU of 1500.  Network Protocols, including ethernet, take up some of those maximum 1500 bytes.  It would be highly recommended for any partner deploying to an site relying on DSL service to understand what a locations maximum MTU size is and adjust their modem to the right size before deploying a Cloud-Link. OmniNet recommends a size of 1452 as per our article at the link below.



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