OmniBridge or Cloud-link 3rd Party Integrations

Question:  "Can I connect a 3rd party monitoring tool to an OmniBridge ?" (i.e. Netflow, SNMP, ssh, or similar?).

Answer: OmniBridge are NOT accessible to 3rd party systems at this time.  As a security-first approach, we currently prevent this to ensure that no additional attack vectors or security holes are opened up. Other reasons include: avoiding instability due to 3rd party interfacing, system changes, or other potentially service disrupting access that could be made to the setup, functionality, or normal load they are tested for, which could in turn cause connectivity issues and instability to the services.


 Additional info:

We do understand the need for additional visibility for partners for existing OmniWAN services delivered via OmniBridges.  For this, we will be continuing to develop additional means for partners to get insight into performance of OmniWAN deployments via OmniBridges. Some of this information is already being collected but currently only accessible to backend systems. We are working on integrating this data into your portal access for seamless integration.  You should see start seeing releases for this date early 2018.

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